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I need to sell a laptop! Maybe I'm planning to buy the latest laptop on the market and get rid of the old device. A loved one who knows about my love for devices like laptops may have surprised me on my birthday with an ultra-fast, stylish and powerful laptop. Now I have a better laptop, I need to sell or give away my old laptop.

I can donate it to a recycling center, but if it's on the agenda, I wonder if I'd like to earn at least a few dollars from it? So if I decide to sell my laptop, there are many ways I can sell it, but there is something I need to do before I sell it.

Things to keep in mind before selling


Actually, I need to assess the condition of the old laptop. Was it broken in some way, or is it such a big problem as a broken / broken screen or a bad screen? Missing keys or not working? Anyone have problems charging?

I need to contact the seller as if I were buying my own laptop. If I buy my laptop, I won't want to face problems that I need to fix until the price supports repair. Most buyers are not willing to invest time and money in their purchased laptop.

If I have problems with my laptop, I can fix them to make my laptop more valuable. If I didn't work, I would have to pay a computer specialist for the repair. In any case, troubleshooting may not be a big deal if you need to spend more on repairing your laptop than you expect to get from selling it.

Sold, donated or processed

If the laptop is too far to sell, I might consider donating or recycling it. At least I don't want to get rid of it. All used laptops are priced for everyone.

Equipped laptop for sale

The buyer also hopes that my laptop can access it in a certain way - it must be clean, without my personal data (backups) and without missing items such as chargers, user manuals, etc.

When I advertise it, I need to be able to provide all the specifications of the laptop to the potential buyer to highlight all the key benefits, such as special laptops or additional hardware that I will include in the sale.

Needless to say, my laptop should be free of viruses or malware.


I also have to keep in mind the demand for my laptop in the market. Is there a newer, better and more affordable version of a laptop on the market today? Does your laptop work with old technology? Is the device popular? Also consider the product life cycle - if a company has built my laptop, it will soon release a new model, it may not attract many buyers.

Gaming laptops are very popular. If I have a gaming laptop for sale, I would expect demand to increase. You also need touch-sensitive laptops. If I had a laptop with a touch screen, it would have raised prices.

Sell ​​your laptop today

I need to sell a laptop today. I have several effective ways to find out.

Tell your friends and family

I need to immediately tell friends and family that I am looking for a laptop buyer. My family members will be happy to help you find a buyer and I won't have to spend much on the whole process.

Use social media

These are the times when social media accounts can come in handy. I need to mention sales on my social media accounts and inform everyone about the laptop brand, model and specifications. I need to attach a photo of my laptop (make sure it's the current photo). It is also suggested to mention the approximate price of the laptop.

Ebay and Craigslist

I have both eBay and Craigslist accounts and have previously sold many items on these sites. This increases my credibility and I will probably get more buyers due to the "reliability factor". However, it is likely that some meetings will take place before the transaction takes place. It is my experience that many people sell laptops on eBay and Craigslist.

Online business or sales

Another option is to replace my laptop. That means selling laptops to Barter for a relatively lower cost than my expected price. The advantage is that it is fast and I will save myself from the whole sales process.

Some sites, like Amazon Trade-In, may offer me a gift card or Amazon coupon instead of cash. Apple is in a similar situation. For example, if my laptop is a MacBook, Apple will give me a gift card that will take into account the current value of my device.

Among the most popular used laptop sales sites (other than those listed above) are Gazelle, Nextworth and Best Buy.

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